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the producers signed brian poole and the from the lows instead. on the plus side he did also signed the rolling stones. you have heard of them. bidding on a rare below state is going start at $30,000. effect trees you don't succeed lou: good evening we begin with the middle eastern crisis with the biggest flare-up of the israeli-palestinian violence. the events began last week in response to a rise of missiles since then the sharp escalation has raised fears of a widening conflict in the repeat of the israel 2,008 invasion of gaza.
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this time around the rules are different. the missile defense system improve the iron dome stopping the incoming rockets but hamas is better armed having the backing of the islamist government in egypt for presenting a challenge for the gabbana administration. and admiral james lyons from the pacific fleet and congressmen covert from texas. obama once more than $1 trillion of tax hikes but will not renounce spending. the "chalk talk" what that does not add up to anything meaningful we will talk with one guest to stifle economic
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growth. also to analyze this cycle to bring down the head of the cia. admiral, it is good to have you with us. turned to the talking points. it seems no one after general petraeus made it clear their ranges in the talking points, testimony has been surveyed and mike rogers said it has to be the white house everybody else testified. >> by a agree. i am sure the white house representative council had marching orders.
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lou: and petraeus said part of the confusion between the testimony he gave to congress three days after september 11 represents what happens when you back the terrorists. >> according to congressman came -- king is indicated that petraeus lied during the first testimony. >> and misrepresented the truth to congress. is it true -- possible for a man had of the agency to take it upon himself to misrepresent reality to the venice states congress? >> i don't know what type of
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pressures were born on him but congressmen king and the open press it appears that way. lou: pivoting to the pacific obviously now with southeast asia you see a political motivation for foreign policy issue. >> this is the washington game with the scandal brewing, i get out of town. >> about the president using the language of the former military government to refer to myanmar? i know what to make of that. i hope he would take the
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opportunity with those tactics he should make it clear to china with the hostility is between our allies, japan and the philippines the mutual defense treaty brought into play. anything less than that did not detour tie never aggressive tactics. lou: and despite the involvement of united nations secretary general it could turn into the operation the israelis threatened in a matter of.
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>> that certainly is a possibility. whose supplies hamas? iran. look at the conflict. egypt has a hand from morsi and the disastrous economic policies. but taking on the nuclear issue, of face it. iran his benetton war over 34 years. was just another active for firing on the unmanned drone. they did not come forth to meet the challenge. lou: as you point* out the national media i ran in this
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context not take note of the president's agenda and the absence of china on the specific. >> . we appreciate talking to you. adjoining is now is congressman gohmert just reelected to a fifth term on the homeland security and serving as chief justice of the court appeals. starting with the fiscal cliff talking about a special prosecutor with benghazi of the speaker makes it clear he will approach and a sheet -- negotiation positively with some sense of accommodation if his
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terms are met. that is pretty positive? >> there is a lot of pressure right now. that is what you use to take part been and make diamonds. you need to be bold, not offensive. the speaker came away with the proposal but we should take the president's words he wants everybody to pay their fair share. let's have capital gains come income tax, make sure warren buffett pays at least as much as his secretary and what has proposed will not have warren buffett pay the same.
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have a flat tax. if you make more, you pay more. lou: president himself may have been talking to you or others about the possibility of reforming the entire tax code. >> this is a great time. >> don't forget to the last time the senate had a budget is when her read worked with speaker pelosi nobody complained they're not spending enough money. 2.5 trillion goes off $1 trillion of spending right there. lou: there are always to get there.
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the idea that the president and boehner come together to have a civil discourse what we will do with the fiscal cliff are you any more hopeful on this first day of discussion? >> with the president's tone. lou: are you being partisan and? >> i am being objective when i say the president proposed 1.6 trillion dollars of new revenue? he wants to destroy the economy? who will allow that increase to devastate the economy? lou: a good point*. nobody talks about the fact that individual top -- checks payments federal receipts has risen
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over the last few years that the answer is broken i went to see how they talk to each other. there is a sense of helplessness that is palpable because i don't believe the congress feels it has the strength to penetrate the veil of denial , and secrecy that is this administration over the last nine weeks and he called for the special prosecutor. >> that's right. attorney general house to do it. >> eric holder says congressman you have a splendid idea.
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we will investigate ourselves. >> if he does not a point* a special prosecutor then what you have is the very people who floated the idea of general petraeus for adultery in the military. there is all kinds of pressure. lou: you don't thiik it is a coincidence coming down on david petraeus head against the issue it -- issues of the administration? >> exactly. i love your sarcasm. that is the problem.
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we have the purse strings with the department of injustice when it is clearly being used to exacting justice it is time to take out what is not just. in the american people say this is crazy people cry for help, nobody did anything? hillary's commercial who answers the phone and 3:00 a.m.? somebody answer the phone. the president goes to bet. who was acting president? valerie jarrett? we will find out the protocol requires when the ambassador becomes under attack he has to know within 10 minutes who is notified.
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who? this attorney general will not do. the american people need to make it clear with the investigation independently. lou: thank you for being here. corporate leaders to send an white house to persuade the president to be pro-business. some think the president is not listening. next.
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americans and businesses en lou: a group of top ceos meeting with the president saying they were encouragedmy ng by raising tax rates willifl stifle business growth and joining us now ceo of carl's , jr. and and hardee's restaurants. hre. >> thewith the atf the
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president once're ot 1.6 trillion dollars that is a bargaining position and? >> as he talks about tax rates but can you raise revenue? feel new way we will raise revenue is private-sector growth. if you tell the private sector to raise taxes taxes, health care costsgou tean costs, energy costs, laborco cost. people will not invest in america businesses want this president to succeed.ucceed i did not vote for him but. his success is tied to myto success and americann business. commo there ought to be sometse comment -- common ground.dozen o lou: as the big ceos show up to talk big butd
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small-business that creates most jobs but they have a major portion of the lobbying effort of the pressure applied in washington. what is your reaction. >> you have to look at how they are motivatedall differentlyb it could be the government actions alsothey a sometimes they are subsidized and may havebsidi government contracts smalln't businesses are not concerned they can make a much better case to the president forecy to what needs to be done whatke or would it take for busi businessmen and women to doe
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grow the jobs? he will get a consistent andng sir and will not talk to the same high-level executives but get into levels. lou: brass tacks. we talk about raising the top rate-- the top rate0ce ilmost 40% i don't know thet th impact baidu have a sneaking a suspicion the president is not aware individual taxnment payments to the governmentr thbu has risen by 25% over the face two years. the answer is growth.
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in >> private sector growth is the only way out. 800 billion a stimulus, interest-rate printing money like it is going goddess style. 39.six tax rate you don't add 10 said payroll tax. those are small businessesth. the larger corporations seee taa the corporate tax rate go down.ll be it the businesses hit are thosere that create jobs that areme not there today. ge >> the same with obamacare, rea, and labor cost. lou: what if i told do thatgivee give them at the margin would you once on taxes. de
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whether investment, capping deductions, i think that made sense to most people. get that done then say what will you do? you will still be left with the deficit and that will mean cutting the federal budget. >> eventh if increase the taxe rates, the top 1% maken timbersf 17 percent of the incoming and a 37% of the taxes. lou: give us your lasthot thought. >> mr. president, pleaseplease mr. president, please, workbusi with the bneusiness community. b we want you to work with us i but you put impediments in our way. work with us. please work with us. lou: european nations on the
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♪ lou: the president wants totaxe raise taxes. by 1.6 trillion dollars. init that is the initial bargaining position broke
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the math works out at 160 billion courier in taxes. are they wrong to be so upset? would get the numbers. earlier this year the president unveils, looked at these numbers. 3.8 trillion dollar budget. it is a deficit. with 2.5 trillion dollars tos tr work with. billion nex $901 billion for next year.tiont the national debt is over $16 trillion.$1 and the president's big plan
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cember has 1.6 trillion dollars.h first you want to raise 849 billion. over 10 years by allowing the bush tax cuts to go away this year. those with $849 billionhundred n including $206 billion.lion on i two itemized deduction.n apital higher taxes on capital gains and the white house wants to raise $584 billion aver 10 years.thev by reducing the value of tax c breaks with a charitable m contributions, mortgage payments that could have an
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impact on the housing industry. we have some thain going good now so let's stop that. the rest comes from raising taxes on energy companies and brokers and traders. over a decade bricks down $160 billion each year that still leaves a hole of the hundred $40 billion. he so you're looking at alionde $100 trillion deficit the president was to demonize the bushhe tax cuts but thewill. tax revenue is already increasing under the bushes. rates for the federalfact government. in fact, they have risen
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$233 billion over the past t two years up 26% raising the tax rate is a sure recipe for bigger deficits according to the cbo.coce. so far it has not been part of the discussion. don't you think it ought to be? to meet with the respect did ceos can they take the path to prosperity? next. [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made of.
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lou: president obama's withing with heads of the tobor uni honsea today sameshar.
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president is committed to hire a presidents and -- of taxes on top earners. tomorrows some of them will try to fix the battle for a long-term plan adjoining now is one of the most thoughtful and political thinkers author of the israel test. great to have's start with politics.c wo are faced with economic calamity. r where the odds to see cliff? effectiveness demerged? >> zero. [laughter]over
7:35 pm
if we keep the current tax rates we could increase government -- the government revenue with 26% over the last two years. again government revenue has bsen 26% using the bush. tax rs rates that brings more revenue, not less. lou: as has been demonstrated. and do anticipate the drama to be a total lack of faith with the growth modele yearnstrated over the past two years? are nme y say this economy cannottor grow fast enough. we will not see it unless we raise taxes. >> of course, you don't get
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growth if you raise tax rates. california and other states the top rate is approaching 50% of business has as much incentive to fire somebody to get a lower cost than to hire somebody to create revenue. hik experi extemporaneous experimentment, california bringing tax levels will we see california aztek merionthe a the coal mine when it comes3 to economic growth in the an ability to support thefleein ever-growing government? >> it is a microcosm what happens to countries that
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raise their tax rates and entrepreneurs we and welfared recipients come in and there is the unsustainable state of affairs. need while they destroy silicon valley with ultimately our potential. angling foer that everybody is singling for green subsidies and it is a tragedy. >> and the money that hasby this been spent as venture money like solyndra has beendisastrou. disastrous. >> they are a stultifying to dea turn people into a than him uppt
7:38 pm
blubbering idiot t. >> he now wants us to support him rather than support the country. lou: he is being adaptive to the new reality is. i want to turn to the bookto the israel test. a ss a capitalist and the jewish state do really is tharong,ael is that strong and important? >> i c >> baeridu. american economy is heavilyndena dependent on israel because of the debauchery of silicon valley but now it is a crucial source rabble withmicros
7:39 pm
the flash drives that just bought the new israeli company microsoft, cisco, johnson & johnson and they are all dependent on technology and of course, defenses are deeply defensive and obama's seems to think that egypt is tore important or turkey.mpotan it is the most importantes, d technology force and if we cu keep on a current path israel will be number one. >> is good to talk to you. >> the free and the brave?
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at. lou: the next guest says our country is under attack by liberals claiming to be under attack disguise by their own intolerance joining us now is the co-host of the 5a and on red
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tie. his book is the joy of eight in the age of phony of rage. a brilliant book has we would expect. you came up with the word there is the orthodoxy to masterfully take apart he claims to be tolerant until theyymeet you. paid travel in packs that i called tallaradi which i call the "huffington post" or malaria. groups of people under the guise of open-minded s try to close your options.
7:48 pm
>> there is us since they project to say our superior. that we are incapable of understanding their genius but it goes on throughout our society. >> i have all hold chapter walking around with the real-estate agent use caesar to books by people from mark stein then he says his this year citi? lou: 90% of the buyers will be liberal. >> so if we put the campaign in the ocean.
7:49 pm
>> when he referred to as the death star it is overwhelming with those networks and it is true. you get one interactions one is they got the works for fox. [laughter] flattery action is 80% of the time. >> you find people that are not fans of fox then you realize they have never watched it swimming they say something on a blog in the assumption is that is the enemy then i talked to these people they say you are normal i say yes because you have a strange view of what we are.
7:50 pm
lou: your book shows you are in a drunken haze. but i have to give you credit the lead juxtaposition and one sentence is hard to do. >> one of the worst lines and a book comparing bad news to be in the us two with gnus. lou: now i worry about the pronunciation. >> i am not sure by pronounce it correctly when you do the audio version there are times when you say words for the first time you have never said before. i have never said the word gnus but i don't know because i never said it out loud. [laughter]
7:51 pm
all of those can resolve that to simply buy the book check it out now or to learn more about it. i love that analysis. truly. it is the feature of our society to deal with those. [laughter] would we ever have learned more about benghazi? was going through the mind of our top spies? we will psychoanalyze the pair.
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7:53 pm
seven literally writing a book when she goes to afghanistan to talk to the
7:54 pm
general she is an animated stalker on the surface by all appearances. any possibility psychological eight? >> i know now she is a stalker but the taipei personality she knows what she wants and goes for it well educated and very bright people said how could you do that to without having that kind of experience? she is a married woman with children. lou: a graduate of west point studying at harvard. >> this is a very young woman going after a man she saw as a father figure and other he could not turn down the fact this woman was complimenting him to seven
7:55 pm
will be right back. stay with us [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just rightor you, no matter which list you're on. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 c250 for $349 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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hmm you buy your hype and then you to do other things. >> you have a last word. >> i agree. we cannot do it in our society. >> thank you. that is it for us. have a great weekend. good night from new york.
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